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About Al Wazzan Trading Corp.

Al Wazzan trading corporation was founded in 1951 by Haj Mohammad Wazzan and has traded in grains, seeds, products for human consumption, animal feed and by-products.

With a proven track record of over 70 years and a fair and constructive business approach, we are able to eliminate supply risks for our product portfolio.


It is our vision to be the premier manufacturer and supplier of innovative food ingredients solutions that contribute to an affordable food supply for the world.

It is our mission to ensure the continued success of our customers, employees, and communities by providing superior food ingredient solutions.


Our goal is that everyone involved benefits, that ethically correct working conditions prevail and that the ecological footprint remains as small as possible. These principles are of the greatest importance to us when selecting our partners.


Through a worldwide network of reliable suppliers and our own projects, we try to contribute to a sustainable trade.
In order to stay well informed of fluctuations in production and scarcities on the international market.
We have a stable network of information sources and contact at our disposal, as well as solid relationshipes with our suppleirs.


On the way from the fields to our customers, every step of the supply chain is precisely planned and monitored. The continuance of this chain is made easier due to the privilege of our accessible location near the port of Latakia.


Foodstuffs have very different properties, thus the storage conditions must be adapted. Responsible for the spoilage of food are e.g. Microorganisms; like mold and bacteria or pests; like mites or fruit flies. In order to adequately take these factors into account, we store our goods in well monitored warehouses, where there are climate-stable and hygienic storage conditions.


Our qualified specialists have a wealth of know-how and we use state-of-the-art manufacturing methods. All processes are defined in our management standard concerning safe products.
Throughout our history, we’ve focused on creating high-quality products for the everyday needs of our consumers, while maintaining excellent health and safety conditions for all our team and adopting socially responsible practices and environmentally friendly production methods.


Our highly trained and qualified quality staff get involved at a very early stage of the procurement process. They examine the risks, lie down a strict set of specifications, establish a quality check procedure even prior to shipment from origin. Upon shipment and arrival, further extensive checks are performed and this goes on during storage. Consistently good quality is important. We don’t want to be surprised; we only want to surprise you with a more than satisfactory product. Outbound approvals are not done before having good inspection results from our own people.