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With our applied ISO 22000 food safety management system and the help of our experts, we are always up to date with the latest regulations and developments in our business.

In order to ensure the high quality of our goods and the protection of the end consumers samples are drawn in accordance with EN ISO 948 and VO Nr. 401/2006 and analysed in an accredited laboratory.

We take the aspect of food safety extremely seriously, not only for legal but also for moral reasons. We would like to help ensure that end consumers are supplied with healthy food.

We make the supply chain as transparent as possible so that our customers can get an idea of this. Precise procedures are implemented for each production step and a HACCP plan is applied, which is strictly controlled by hazard analyzes and risk assessments.

We offer fully traceable organic seeds to our customers without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, grown In healthier soil, and a better working environment for farmers and our control body CCPB is inspecting and certifying us according to the equivalent standards of EU 889/2008 and 834/2007.